Thursday, April 16, 2015

I´m Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Whew!!! it´s been a really LONG time. 

Most of you know I moved to Utah 4 years ago. I wasn't happy about that at all. 
Since moving here I have a new perspective. 

We first moved to Highland, UT and the first month EVERYONE brought us cookies, brownies, cakes, pizza....and that my friends is how I fed my Freezing cold depression!! Hahahaha

My first Sunday going to church, I met this lady. upon first meeting her she sat next to me and said ¨ Hi! I am Mindy¨ When I have headaches I use peppermint oil on my head and it totally is gone. I was thinking....Uh ohhh I just found the Crazy person of our church!! 
Every time I saw her she ALWAYS brought up the oils. Uggh leave me ALONE about your STINKIN OILS!!! 

(no, that's not really her)

Then,..One of my sisters was complaining about her mouth hurting, and swollen. she was on her 2nd round of antibiotics and it wasn't working. I said maybe this crazy oil lady can help you, go see her.
So, we went. and within a half hour the pain was gone, and the swelling was down by half. 

I was a total skeptic! I thought hmmm well that a coincidence. Then my brother called me and was in so much pain because of his back. He´s a construction driver guy so he gets tossed around all day.
I said maybe that crazy oil lady had something to help him. he couldn't even bend over to tie his shoes. he came over, she put oils on him, and BAM!!! the pain was GONE!!! it was a whole 2 minutes. 
My other sisters health had been deteriorating for 2 years. she was in soooooooo much pain. she couldn't eat much, the pain was like labor pains, she thought she was dying. She had surgery to help and 2 weeks later the pain was back. I told her maybe that crazy oil lady could help her.
She met her, got her protocol and that next morning my sister called to tell me she felt AMAZING!!!
I couldn't believe the oils helped her sooooooooooo much! She was out of bed and playing with her kids for the first time in 2 years!!! 

It was then a light turned on in my head!!! There must really be something to this! 
I have so many friends in pain, I need to go and help them.
and that my friends, is how I too became the CRAZY OIL LADY!!!

I never thought my life would be like this, since moving to Utah I get to work for myself, I travel, I have met hundreds of new friends, and best of all I get to make a difference in soooooo many lives and THAT'S THE BEST PART!

My kids play night games in the summer with the neighborhood kids, swim in a pond, ride to the snow cone shack and do a 12 mile bike ride, boating on the lake, and have snowball fights and sledding, snowshoeing, snow camping, in the winter. I LOVE that my kids get to be kids and live in a place that is safe to play outdoors, where all the neighbors know each other in a 2 mile radius. where we all look out for one another´s kids. Where most of the kids are raised with the same values. 
Wait a second....I think I see Barney Fife coming down the road!!

I get to hang out with my siblings when I am at home, and spend time with my kids ALL the time...that could be a bad thing too!

I have some of the most inspiring friends a girl could EVER ask for, AND the we BOUGHT our 1st house!! That NEVER seemed like a reality in California.

My heart and soul are so content, that I know as much as I DID NOT want to move here, our Heavenly Father knew what was in store for us.

I get to hang out with my siblings when I am in Utah, and spend time with my kids ALL the time.

I have some of the most inspiring friends a girl could EVER ask for, AND the we BOUGHT our 1st house!! That NEVER seemed like a reality in California.

My heart and soul are so content, that I know as much as I DID NOT want to move here, our Heavenly Father knew what was in store for us.

No, it hasn't always been easy. 2 family members were diagnosed with Cancer last year, and they both have beat it. Doterra made a HUGE difference in their journey of Chemo, and Radiation and now Recovery. 

I am now a believer, that Faith in action really can bless your life in so much more then we could even dream of. My family stepped outside our comfort zone, and a whole new world opened up to us.
if we are willing to just trust Heavenly Father, We can have a bigger and brighter future then we could EVER imagined.  

Monday, December 14, 2009

Last years post (I wish I would have

I know this is just a tad bit out dated...although I thought it's something you might like to I just love Christmas! I know I know, most people do....As the year comes to a close, I am recollecting on all the event's that have occurred over the year...I got to meet a Niece I never knew I had...What a miracle!

My Sister and I have stopped talking for the most part...I think we've both come to understand that we just can't seem to get a long. We still love each other, just don't need to interact so I know, I know who could hate me? maybe hate is to aggressive...Not enjoy more fitting.

I had a lot of great trips to Utah and Vegas (Yes we drove with all the kids) I had my first "Friends" vacation (Thanks Adrienne and Kyle)...I was shocked anyone would want to join my chaos...Just loved the couple's outings...The Hoover Dam was super hot! soooo not as enjoyable....

Jaylen got baptized...

Kyra got boob's (kinda) Tayah had her Tonsils out and Daniel had surgery ( his first) I became a Den Mother...And Caylee is living with us, and teaching us what to expect when Kyra is 18...good times! I am Soooooo grateful for my new friends who add so much love and laughter to my life! I have had my testimony strengthened this year, simply by being a tool in our Heavenly Fathers hands...and Being willing to listen to the spirit...even when everyone told me not to....I DID! ;D Sometimes doing the right thing means standing alone....I am so very grateful for all the Love and patience of my friends...and my family...I hope you all know of my love and gratitude for you, I just hope and pray that I can be a source of Joy in your lives....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little bit of Summer and School 09

This was the Perfect spot to wait for Jaylen while he was at Cub Scout Camp this year....Yes the girls stayed nice and cool....You'll see!

Just can't wait to test the water (By the way this is at the Park by St.Mary's College)

Lovin the sprays of waterJust a little bit wet don't ya think?????
Time to dry off on the train......Choooooo Choooooooooooo!

This was our little group swimming and "trying" to tan at the lake on our girl's retreat!! soooo Refreshing........Tireing......Envigorating.......Exhausting........Crazy Fun!!!!

Tiana turned 3 Yesssirreeee!

The kids had opened the door to go out side to ride bikes and found this on our door...Tiana was soooo thrilled (she still won't let us take her hearts off the door)

The missionaries suprised her with this wonderful door of love on her Birthday!!!

Gotta love these Wonderful Missionaries!

Her sisters were just as excited as she was! (this is what happens to kids when momma wont do their hair)

Tiana got to pick out what she wanted for dinner, and then decided to help me make it She just loves to cook.

Tiana's rice crispy birthday cake

Tiana getting in trouble from Caylee.....Love 3 year olds ;D

Kyra turned 11!

setting up for the Shade show @ Costco

Kyle showing off his best assets ;

Before we finished Kyras hair

Sealing the ends!

It's a

My little troll doll

Kyra's first day of 6th grade :)

Tayah's 1st day of 1st grade

Jaylen's 1st day of 3rd grade..whew!

Land of the Giants...Eureka!

Daniel had to do some work in Eureka. McDonalds was paying for the whole family to go, As long as we shopped 9 different stores along the way......That meant ordering the Angus meal, and taste testing it for accuracy. All 8 of us would take a bite and tell what we by Sandwich # 6 we didn't want to see another one! By the time we got to the Hotel we didn't want to see another Sequoia tree, Redwood or yet Another Angus Burger!!! So here's a little of what we did get to do outside of the Angus overload!

This was a little bit of a tight squeez but hey we did it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Time!!! 2009

Okay I heard you loud and clear now you can stop yelling at me!!!! This is some of what we've been up to this summer so far....Whew! and now it's almost time for school....I can't believe how fast it's going by....( I can't seem to figure out how to fill you in on the rest of the pic's sooo the rest is up to you to figure This is why I love face book!!!..;p

This is the Last day of School...Kyra was so sad to leave Elementary behind. Jaylen Loved his teacher Ms. Lightfoot as much as Tayah LOVED Kindergarten with Mrs. Hare Glad to have such great teachers and friends!